[FREE] EggWars Mini Game (Remastered) 5.3.9_01

Based on Cubecraft's "EggWars" mini game; Originally by gaelitoelquesito, but I recoded it.

  1. New Kits Menu!

    Version 5.3.6 updates some features to look like cubecraft's.

    - Added "Your egg has brought you a new life!" message.
    - Updated kits menu:
    - - CubeCraft-like
    - - Multiple pages
    - - Kits can now be de-selected
    - - You can now see your eggwars points
    - - Kits now can have a description

    - Renamed "coins" to "points", including options
    - Removed team color Rainbow due to stability reasons (RIP)
    - Removed "generator.infoItem" option from config.yml, as now it's always the generator's token
    - Changed "generator.upgradeItem" option to "generator.upgradeInfoItem" at config.yml
    - - Now defaults to experience_bottle
    - Changed "gameplay.generator.upgrade_not_enough_items" to "gameplay.generator.upgrade_cant_afford" and now returns a new message
    - Changed limit of kits to unlimited

    - Translation "gameplay.generator.info_item_lore_broken" is now used
    - Fixed some messages being in magenta color
    - Adjusted "Your egg has been destroyed" message. (no longer bigger than screen)
    - Fixed selecting team via hotbar at teams menu
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