[Free] GameWaitLobbyBasics - For game servers 0.02

Control and listen world.

  1. MatthewYu
    This is very light plugin that allow you to control players behavior(lobby protection) on a game server.
    For BungeeCord Server, If you have a plugin that does not support BungeeMode, this may help you manage payers behavior in lobby WORLD.
    For multi-world server, you do not need world guard and ^&&(*&*[email protected] to protect your lobby world. This is the best option!

    -Teleport to certain location on join
    -Control Block Break in lobby world
    -Control Block Place in lobby world
    -Disable weather in lobby world
    -Voidteleport in lobby world
    -No hunger in lobby world
    -No damage in lobby world
    -Force Survival Gamemode on join
    -Clear Inventory on join
    -Clear Equipments on join

    None, but op bypass some break events.

    -setpoint - Set the lobby point (only Op can use it )

    Why choose this ?
    -Lightweight !
    -Easy lobby control.
    -All features can be disabled/enabled.

    -Download the plugin
    -Put the folder and .jar into your plugin folder
    -Start the server
    -Stand where you want the login-tp. Use command /setpoint

    You may....
    -Modify the coordinates of teleporting location
    -Disable any feature you do not like.

    -Add executing commands when join in/delay X second after join in .
    -Messages maybe?
    -Any suggestion?

    You may PM me for feature request.
    This is my first public simple plugin.
    I will try my best to maintain this!

    -You may modify the code but not crediting yourself.

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  1. 8Marc8
    Version: 0.02
    ♥ιт! ιт'ѕ a вaѕιc вυт very nιce plυgιn! ĸeep on тнe worĸ, ιт'ѕ jυѕт greaт ғor creaтιve loввyѕ, ғor eхaмple :-)