[FREE] HubGun (For Lobby Servers) 1.0

Gun that shoots particles!

  1. ItsColin
    What does this plugin do?

    This plugin is an verry easy but usefull gun plugin!
    If you take a Blaze Rod in your inventory and you right click it
    it shoots some Projectiles and when they hit the ground they
    make a cool sound ;)

    I made a cool delay system so your ears wont get raped!

    What do i need to use this plugin?

    You just need the .jar file that you can download on this page ;)

    How can i get the "Gun"?

    Welllll, Put a blazerod in your inventory and thats it ;)

    Future functions

    No future plans now

    Please give this plugin a fair rating,

    If you have a idea for this plugin feel free to put it in the review or discussions page :)

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  1. HubGun update

Recent Reviews

  1. Florens_
    Version: 1.0
    Cool one, but maybe make it so you can change the messages and the prefix... and changing the sound would be cool too
  2. zStixz
    Version: 1.0
    Wow, very well. I love it! It is like The Hive blaze rod gun ! Thank you! And good job! Maybe you can add more projectiles like: Eggs, Snow Balls all in 1 shot, you know... You can add a customizable delay in config.yml too.
    1. ItsColin
      Author's Response
      Thats a great suggestion!
      I will try to add a config with delay and stuff like that ;)

      Thank you for your Review!