[Free] PvPManager 3.4

PvP management plugin (and free) version of PvPManager

  1. NoChanceSD
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Using multiple plugins to handle PvP in your server? Don't want to use yet another plugin just for one feature? Or even just looking for a good and updated PvP Log plugin?
    Just use PvPManager, it offers multiple PvP features and the list keeps increasing!​

    The Premium PvPManager
    If you have been a PvPManager user for a long time you probably know how much it improved since the first versions. I have put a lot of work and time into this since the beginning for nothing in return, not that i don't like coding, i really do like it, however i don't have as much time as before and on top of that i have to pay for college.
    I really appreciate when someone throws me a "thank you" or a good review, it is really motivating to see, however if you wish to go a bit further i have developed a premium version of PvPManager, it has extra features such as NPC spawning and automatic respawn.
    This way everyone wins, i get some income to compensate my work and you get a better version of PvPManager for your server, that makes several times more money than i ever will selling this plugin.
    If you don't make profit from your server, the free version is NOT abandoned and will still get updates but don't hesitate to throw me a nice review, it means a lot more than you think!

    The plugin supports multiple worlds allowing you to disable it in some worlds! Each feature can also be toggled so don't worry if you don't need all the features!

    • Disable Fly/GameMode/Disguises/Invisibility on combat!
    • Toggle PvP with a command and/or signs!
      • Protects you from any kind of PvP including splash potions!

    • Prevent PvP Log with various punishments!
      • Drop inventory, armor or exp, apply a money penalty or kill the player!
      • It can also broadcast and log to a file when someone pvp logs!
    • Tag System!
      • When you enter PvP your nametag will change color/prefix
      • The message will display the person you tagged/tagged you.
    • Newbie Protection!
      • New players are PvP protected(Or PvE if enabled in config).
      • Also can block them from picking up items!
    • Auto Soup!
      • Soup is instantly consumed and heals you.
    • Anti Border Hopping!
      • Players can't run to safe zones while tagged.
      • Supports most zones including WorldGuard, Factions and Towny.
    • Anti Kill Abuse!
      • Killing the same player several times over a period of time will trigger a command.
      • That command is up to you! Kick, Ban, etc
    • Respawn Protection!
      • Stop those spawn killing players!
    • Money Rewards/Penalties!
      • Execute a command on player kill
      • Reward money to the killer
      • Take money from the killed player.
    Other Features
    • Blood animation on hit
    • Block placing lava/fire near players with PvP disabled
    • Block Commands and Enderpearls while in combat
    • Block Placing blocks while in combat
    • Detects Auto Disconnect hack and still punishes the player
    • Transfer a player's item drops directly to his killer
    • Can be disabled in specific worlds
    • Everything is very configurable including messages
    Helpful Links
    /pvp [player] -
    Toggles PvP
    /pvplist - Shows all players with PvP enabled
    /pvpinfo [player] - Shows info about you or other player
    /pvpstatus [player] - Check yours or other player PvP status
    /pvp disable - Disables Newbie protection
    /pvpoverride - Allows player to attack anywhere

    /pm - Shows PvPManager help page
    /pm update - Update PvPManager to latest version
    /pm reload - Reloads PvPManager


    /pvp - /toggle or /pvptoggle
    /pm - /pvpmanager or /pvpm​

    You can see all permissions here: Full List

    If you want to support the plugin and show me some love this is the way!
    Or you could buy one of my premium plugins and get something back for your money!
    - SpawnCannon
    - PvPManager Premium


Recent Updates

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  2. PvPManager v3.3.3.2
  3. PvPManager v3.3.2.1

Recent Reviews

  1. FranLR
    Version: 3.4
    Tested in 1.8.8
    works excellent, better than other's pay combat logging plugins
    great for large servers
  2. KeplerLabs
    Version: 3.4
    Two different messages for the money Penalty and still no updates so far apart from dev builds.
  3. NahuelLeshuga
    Version: 3.4
    por que me dice este usuario esta protejido >:v? cuando estamos en pvp
    me dice eso ayuda plox :,v
  4. timmyjimmy.exe
    Version: 3.4
    5 stars, works great. Great for servers that are not for pvp, prevents random attacks. Thanks for the great plugin.
  5. FlailoftheLord
    Version: 3.4
    Lovely plugin, thanks a ton to the author for keeping it free!
    Works as specified, good pvp logging, tagging and easy setup with lots of perms for customization, such as allowing players to toggle their own pvp, newbie protection for factions servers and plenty more!
    Some things could be improved upon or maybe added to the premium version but overall its the best plugin in its class!! 5/5
  6. WWooka
    Does not work with 1.12.2, even the latest dev build does not. I get this error: Error occurred while enabling PvPManager v3.0-SNAPSHOT-b114 (Is it up to date?) Can you please update your plugin??
    1. NoChanceSD
      Author's Response
      Your version: 3.0-SNAPSHOT-b114
      Current version:
  7. KeplerLabs
    Incredible plugin, have been using it since months now, only thing is that name prefixes conflicts with another plugin and doesn't show, not sure wich one though.
  8. LeHanzon
    Works perfectly. The only problem is it doesn't have an option for chorus fruit. You know how annoying that pseudo-enderpearl is.
  9. Anselm
    This is a great plugin, and our players like to use it. If you are looking for a similar plugin, use it right.
  10. Ranzi0
    Please update to 1.12. I was using this great plugin on 1.11.2, but now it doesn't work anymore
    1. NoChanceSD
      Author's Response