[FREE Template] SurviveMC.eu - Website template 0.1.8-BETA

Website lading page template for minecraft server.

  1. JakSar77
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, Czech
    • Number of players on the server
    • Links in the footer
    • Responsive design
    • Responsive menu
    • Optimalization
    • Copy IP Address by clicking
    • Cookie alert!
    • Scrollbar custom styles
    • Notice/Ads button
    • Blank page integrated
    • Modal with voting for server
    More features coming soon

    DEMO/BETA: https://jaksar77.eu/demo/WebTemplate_v1/

    How to use player counter and IP Copy:
    1. Download
    2. Upload to your web server
    3. Open the index.html file
    4. Edit lines 106 and 110.
    Domain SurviveMC.eu is for sale!
    If interested, contact me.

    • You can edit the website as you wish.
    • But the author must not be removed from the footer!

    Download GOALs:
    10 - Nice ♥
    50 - Thank you, I'm glad you're interested. ♥
    100 - Awesome ♥
    200 - Lol, Thank you.
    300 - I'm glad you like the project.
    400/500 - ♥ Awesome

    The author on the footer must not be removed!
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Recent Reviews

  1. SolninjaA
    Version: 0.1.8-BETA
    It's good I need some help though I didn't know where to ask. I assume I can just ask here. The player counter isn't working and I don't know what to change. Also I want to add more staff members but it just goes down instead of to the right. If I can't get support this is still a great plugin. Highly reccomend!
    1. JakSar77
      Author's Response
      Thank you
  2. FeeRGG
    Version: 0.1.5-BETA
    Very Good Theme And The Author Very Friendly
    I recommend it
    Very Good Theme And The Author Very Friendly
    I recommend it
    1. JakSar77
      Author's Response
      Thank you ♥ :)
  3. Zerrium
    Version: 0.1.5-BETA
    Great template, the code is easy to understand and easy to edit, also using bootstrap (my favorite CSS). Overall, recommended!
    1. JakSar77
      Author's Response
      Thank you.
  4. niqoar
    Version: 1.4-BETA
    A beautiful template, simple and very easy to edit for anyone.. Great job and thanks for sharing it!
    1. JakSar77
      Author's Response
      Thank you. An update will be out soon. ♥
  5. paosko
    Version: 1.3.1-BETA
    Je to super web jede ještě rychleji než předtím:)
    Its nice the web is running faster :)
    1. JakSar77
      Author's Response
      Děkuji. ♥
  6. paosko
    Version: 1.3-BETA
    Dobrý den mohl by jste mi vytvořit web speciálně pro mně?
    Jsem ochoten zaplatit cenu jakou určíte.Váš tamplate se mi velice líbil a proto vás žádám o vytvoření mého vlastního webu.
    1. JakSar77
      Author's Response
      Ano určitě není problém.
      Napíšu Vám do DM.
  7. CzechiaLoadsrs
    Version: 1.2-BETA
    Užitecní moc se mi to líbí
    koukám na tebe na instagramu
    dáš mi tam taky follow??
    1. JakSar77
  8. KevinYouTube
    Version: 1.0-BETA
    Nice work,
    Inspiration is from one premium template, right?
    80 Chars............
    1. JakSar77
      Author's Response
      Yes, I was inspired.
      Thank you.