FreeFightSigns [Just for FreeFight] 1.0

BungeeSign-Plugin for FreeFight

  1. Bentipa
    This is like a BungeeSign-Plugin for my minigame FreeFight.
    You can create Signs on your BungeeCord Lobby-Server to connect to FreeFight-Servers.
    1. Download the jar
    2. Put it into your plugins folder
    3. Restart/Reload your server
    Place somewhere a Sign and type /createffsign, the messages will tell you what to do.[It is a nice Step by Step guide]
    To remove a Sign, type /removeffsign.

    Command | Permission
    createFFSign FFSigns.create
    removeFFSign FFSigns.remove
    The Plugin also reads the motd of the gameserver:
    To let the Sign show the Motd, you have to use following Motd on the server
    Code (Text):
    Map: The name of the Map, here TreeVille
    players:[teams]x[players per team]
    Thanks for reading :)