FreeForAll Beta 1.1.0

A FreeForAll Plugin for youre Minecraft Server!

  1. Allleexx

    What is FreeForAll?

    FreeForAll is a cool PvP Plugin [AllVsAll]
    You will Spawn at a Map and you can fight other Players.
    After a Kill you get full regenerated to 10 Hearts, and continue
    Play! This Gamemode you can find on PvP Servers like
    and other Servers..

    Commands & Permissions

    /ffa help - Show help
    /ffa set - Set Spawns [FFA.Admin]
    /ffa join - Join FFA
    /ffa leave - Leave FFA
    /stats - Show youre Stats
    /fix - Fix youre Position
    /save - Save youre inventory layout

    Code (Text):
      '1': Dieses Plugin ist noch in der BETA. Bei Fehlern bitte Melden.
      '2': 'In den Nachricten bitte KEINE Umlaute verwenden. (Nur: AE, OE, UE)'
      NoItemDrop: You are not allowed to drop items.
      NoBlockDestroy: You are not allowed to destroy blocks in FFA.
      AlreadyInGame: You are alredy ingame.
      NotInGame: You are not ingame.
      FFA_Leave: You are no longer in FFA.
      Fix: You have been fixed.
      TooLongCMD: This command is too long.
      InvSaved: Your inventar bas been saved.
      Sword: Sword
      Rod: Rod
      Bow: Bow
      Arrow: Arrow
      Fire: Fire
      Helmet: Helmet
      Chestplate: Chestplate
      Leggings: Leggings
      Boots: Boots

    My Minecraft Server - IP: