Freeze- Like arcane's freeze screen- essential for any server 4.0

The Best solution for freezing the cheaters and hackers on your server

  1. kick update

    added command: /sskick

    added permission: freeze.kick

    changed /ssinfo to /sshelp

    changed to

    changed to (caps was causing issues)

    edited freeze help menu

    added examples of new stuff to examples spoiler

    got new support discord


    fixed antipiracy so it should work offline

    bans comming in 5.0

    lang update comming in 6.0

    config update comming in 7.0

    thats all folks
  2. new command

    added command /ssinfo (this will open a help menu in chat)

    added permission

    added screenshot of help menu to examples tab
  3. Lang update

    updated lang file

    added new anti-piracy

    various bug fixes

    kick system coming in 5.0

    ban system coming in 6.0
  4. bug fixes and an edited message

    fixed an issue with it not working on 1.9
    removed antipiracy
    tweaked message
  5. new symbol

    I updated the messages and tweaked the symbol, an up dated example will be replacing the old one in the example spoiler, hope yall enjoy!