Freeze 1.1

Ever wanted to freeze a hacker or griefer?

  1. Megalodon67
    Freeze is a lightweight plugin with only one command for simplicity and ease of use!
    /freeze <player> - Freeze or unfreeze the given player!

    NOTICE: The command /freeze toggles if the given player is frozen or not, and does not set a frozen player to frozen.

    1. By downloading this plugin you agree that you will not: modify, redistribute, or utilize this plugin on more than one server per download with permission to do so.
    ALSO: If you would like to have your server listed as a test server, or like the plugin... Please post in the thread post and review this plugin below!

Recent Updates

  1. Added Permissions!

Recent Reviews

  1. dovamero
    Version: 1.1
    Really great, but just one question what's the permission for freezing a player?