Freeze+ 2021-04-29

A plugin for Servers admin to freeze Players.

  1. FaresMahdi
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.10
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    FreezePlus by FaresMahdi120

    A plugin for Servers admin to freeze Players.
    How to install ?
    1. first download the plugin , and rate it if you wish to help me out :D.
    2. Open your plugin folder and drop it on the Plugins file.
    3. Restart the server.
    4. Enjoy :D
    • /Freeze <PlayerName> // will auto freeze him and gives you his X and z location.
    • /UnFreeze <PlayerName> // if that player is actually frozen this will unfroze him.
    WARNING: Make in mind that this plugin is for STAFF MEMBERS only
    if you gives this permissions to any member he could
    freeze and unfreeze other players.
    • Permission: Freeze.Staff
    Anything else ?
    Feel free to add me on discord if you have any issues, bugs, or suggestions FaresMahdi120#5730

Recent Reviews

  1. Adam_number1
    Version: 2021-04-29
    Useful plugin for when your players don't want to listen and or if you just want to troll them
    1. FaresMahdi
      Author's Response
      Thank you