FreezePlayers 1.0

Freeze players on your server.

  1. MasterDerpyDogoe
    • Freeze all players using /fp <player>
    • Cool Effects
    • All messages are configurable
    • Allow players to look around.
    • freezeplayer.freeze gives acces to the /freezeplayer <player> command.
    • freezeplayer.unfreeze give acces to the /unfreeze <player> command.

Recent Reviews

  1. gyurix
    Version: 1.0
    The plugin uses PlayerMoveEvent which can cause huge lag if you have lots of players online.

    It also does not use the good Spigot ways for handling the particles, but he does it by reflection which is way slower than the regular Spigot particle management things.

    Finally I need to mention, that the developers customer support is pretty bad, because he don't just ignore other people, but he also removes them from his Skype instead of answering to important private plugin development related things.
    1. MasterDerpyDogoe
      Author's Response
      Another plugin that hasnt been updated in a year :)
  2. TheSugarChris
    Version: 1.0
    Yet another great plugin from MasterDerpyDoge. The particles make everything better, and make this freeze plugin stand out from all the other freeze plugins that people take 3 seconds to make.

    One thing I would suggest is to just remove this plugin from spigot and make a troll plugin with this included. Like using velocities to do configurable slapping or launching. Blow people up, etc.