Fresh Landing Page 1.0

A clean responsive Minecraft landing page

  1. MineCog
    Fresh Minecraft Landing Page

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    Fresh is a clean responsive Minecraft landing page with a voting page.
    It's easy to configure and change to your liking, Please don't remove my copyright at the bottom as I spent a while making this.
    If you need help setting this up feel free to join our discord and ill be happy to assist you with any problems there.

    If you get a chance please leave a review as this helps me see what you guys like and don't like and encourages me to make more resources like this.

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Recent Reviews

  1. fhaint
    Version: 1.0
    100% plagiarism....
    Please, don't copy other website. This page website is a copy.
    If you want to learn the HTML5 programming language, then take courses.
    I'm bad in English sorry :P
  2. Jackelele
    Version: 1.0
    If you look at this screenshot ( You can see that the two sites look pretty identical; index files, even all the notes and nots between <html> and doctype. On your next page it looks like you attempted to just edit the generic.html page forom the html5up site ( - You even put some css in there, which is far from professionalism.
    Look how identical this looks ( The CSS stylesheets are the exact same, there's no difference. [] - I recommend you stop copying other work and claiming it as yours.

    "It's easy to configure and change to your liking, Please don't remove my copyright at the bottom as I spent a while making this."
    You claim to make it, yet you didn't it was made by a completely different person []. You even said it was simple to edit, yet you couldn't even managed to remove the parts that weren't needed.

    It may say it's free for Commercial and Personal use, but you should NEVER say it's your work.
  3. SpigxtException
    Version: 1.0
    Okay, first of all, it's a bottomless impudence to spend a website as your own, even though it's actually 100% copied. In addition, you seem to be too incompetent to remove the original copyright (-> and then write your own copyright in the footer.
    "Please do not remove my copyright at the bottom as I spend a while doing this" - Do not you feel guilty about such statements?

    What you are doing here is just sad.
    1. MineCog
      Author's Response
      Hello, Thanks for pointing this out, As per the copyright licencing cc 3.3, A person can use it for personal and professional use, I decided to leave this in the CSS file as the licencing suggests you should. And I did actually spend a while doing it. If you have any further queries feel free to contact me via discord where I would be happy to answer you.