Friendly mobs 1.0

makes peacefull mobs and monsters only attack when hit by players

  1. codeboy
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin allows you to make peacefull mobs attack players when hit and monsters not attack unless attacked first.

    When you start the plugin for the first time nothing will happen because by default the custom behavior is disabled for all mobs. To enable it just remove them from the exceptions list in the config

    The commands of this plugin can only be executed by op
    Name: /set

    Usage: /set <speed|dmg|range|chase|tph> <value>
    /set <name> <speed|dmg|range|chase|tph> <value>

    call /set without any arguments to reload the config

    Example: /set speed 1 (sets speed when chasing to one for all friendly mobs)

    /set dmg 1 (sets damage of all friednly mobs to one damage per hit)

    /set range 1 (sets the distance from which friendly mobs can hit players to one block)

    /set chase 100 (makes friendly mobs stop chasing players after 100 ticks = 5 seconds if not attacked in that time frame)

    /set tph 1 (makes friendly mobs attack once per tick = 20 times per second)

    /set tph 20 (makes friendly mobs attack once per second)

    /set CHICKEN speed 10 (overrides the speed value for the friendly mob chicken)

    Note that all of these values only apply to mobs that normally donĀ“t attack players