FriendlyNotice 1.0.0

Notify your players with a non-irritating disregardable notice

  1. Martijnie
    Friendly Notice

    This plugin allows you to send a simple notice to your players (about for example a world reset or new website) at a configurable interval. Until the player has ignored the notice he'll keep receiving it.

    /ignorenotice - Ignores the notice.

    fn.affected - Any player with this perm will get the notice.

    Code (Text):
    #You can use color codes (&c, &a etc.) in all of the messages

    # The notice that will be sent
    Notice: "&aAre you a member of our forum yet? &eSign up and join the community!"

    # The message that will be sent right after the notice
    # Used to inform about the /ignorenotice command
    IgnoreNotice: "&eIgnore this notice with: &6/ignorenotice"

    # The message sent when a user ignores a notice
    IgnoredNotice: "&eWe won't bother you again with the notice"

    # At what interval we should send notices, in minutes
    Interval: 60
    If you have any problems, crashes or bugs let us know!

    This plugin was originally made for the World of Atlas server but we think a lot of other servers would benefit from it too, thus we decided to publish it.