Friends for Unique Server 1.0

It's a good friends Plugin !

  1. crosf32
    Version : 0.1
    Bukkit version Or spigot : 1.8
    Langue Principal (Principal Language) : French

    Commands :
    - /f Or /friends : List of all commands possible !
    - /f invite <Pseudo> : Invite a player for be friend with him !
    - /f accept <Pseudo> : Accept a friends request
    - /f refuse <Pseudo> : refuse a friends request
    - /f list : List of all friends (connected, and all of Friends)
    - /f enabled : Enable friends request
    - /f disabled : Disable friends request

    the plugin doesn't support Bungee Cord
    ce plugin n'est pas adapté à Bungee Cord !

    Pour tous bugs , merci de me les signaler.
    For all bugs, please contact me.

    Plugin maked by crosf32
    (creer par crosf32)

Recent Reviews

  1. Jiwa
    Version: 1.0
    Umm, it downloaded because I see writing. But it is in Spanish and I can't read that. It also doesn't let me do /f
  2. Bryan_Ponce
    Version: 1.0
    Simple, seems nice
    Good work!

    Update the spigot page? Make it look fancy?
    Add example of config?

    Add configurable friends list display?
    also perhaps a GUI?

    Add something so it displays offline friends different? (Configurable)
    FriendOne - Online - Playing on server FACTIONS
    FriendTwo - Offline - Was last online 1 hour ago playing SkyWars
    1. crosf32
      Author's Response
      Hello, Thanks for your positiv comment. Very interesting ! There are many good ideas ! For the next plugin (friends) I think I will do what you want (FriendOne - Online - Playing on server Factions.

      But This plugin is for an unique server so "Playing on server factions" "factions" is a map and not a server! In 3-4 month it's possible this plugin will be for BungeeCord but this no !

      I take notes. Thanks you