Friends 2015-11-09

Make some friends!

  1. Zacx
    Version: 1.0 BETA
    Authors: Zacx
    Price: Free!
    - Simple Commands!
    - Lightweight!

    - /friend help - Displays Information about the plugin.
    - /friend add [Player] - Sends a friend request to [Player].
    - /friend remove [Player] - Removes [Player] from your friends list!
    - /friend accept [Player] - Accepts a friend request.
    - /friend deny [Player] - Denys a friend request.

    Friends is a lightweight plugin allowing you to add other players as friends! Friends is bungee-compatible.

    About The Developer:
    Hi I'm Zacx, I'm a freelance java developer. I try my best to create the lightest, unique plugins out there! Thanks for checking out my plugin and I hope you enjoy it! Please leave any suggestions and feedback in the comments as I read every single one, even if this post is a year old! If you would like to contact me, please tweet me! @DevZacx
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Recent Reviews

  1. OGRedBull
    Version: 2015-11-09
    Cool shit bro!!! this is awesome!!!!!! lol smh 100 charchters bruhhhh, but fr tho this is a really good plugin
  2. DJJujuVI
    Version: 2015-11-09
    Awesome plugin! Been looking for this plugin for a while. Thanks! @BirdBarkYT look at discussion. "[Bungee - Proxy] Friends. Your welcome. Look at the Desc of the plugin too. Friends is a lightweight plugin and is BungeeCord compatible.
  3. BirdBarkYT
    Version: 2015-11-09
    Cool plugin, does it work with BungeeCord? If it does I would be so happy. If it doesn't, can you make one that works with Bungee?
  4. Hammy
    Version: 2015-11-09
    it would be awesome but my server isnt loading the plugin i tried a lot of things to try to make it work but it dosent so i need help im using this version of spigot: spigot-1.8.7-20150608a
    1. Zacx
      Author's Response
      It's not the version of spigot that matters, it must be installed in your bungee server's plugins folder.