Friends v2

Fully Functioning Friends Plugin Alternative.

  1. adxmgg
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Fully Functioning Friends Plugin Alternative.

    [ WHAT'S NEW ]
    • Admins can now reset other player's status message. friends.resetstatus.
    • There is now an icon beside each friend on the friends list indicating if they are online or offline.
    • Players can now personally enable / disable friend TP. However, the friend TP feature still needs to be enabled in the script file.
    • Players can now reset their status.
    • Optimisation of status parsing.
    • Fixed bug where players could teleport to friends even if they were offline.

    [ FEATURES ]
    • Add friends!
    • Clickable accept / deny messages!
    • Pending friend requests sent on join!
    • Custom status messages!
    • Show player's login time and logout time on friend list!
    • Hover over friends for more details!
    • Friend teleport (can be disabled in config)!
    • Disable friend damage (can be disabled in config)!
    • Permission: friends.use
    • If you are having any difficulties, please join our Support Discord for 24/7 support.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Tukka
    Version: v2
    I got 5 errors. do you need any addons for this??
    1. adxmgg
      Author's Response
      No addons needed, shoot me a PM on discord @Adxm#9504 and we'll get it sorted.
  2. haseebOMG
    Version: v2
    Good job mate! It's a great skript innit!
  3. ghostly06
    Version: v2
    good skript
    1. adxmgg
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the positive review.
  4. quick007
    Version: v1
    Skript is decent, few things that need a change though:

    - Every time you hurt your friend and you have friend damage off it will send a message saying where to change it. It should just be a small message, and maybe only tell them how to change it if they have op
    -Again though, no good admin debugging it seems
    1. adxmgg
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the positive review. I understand your concern regarding the friend damage message and I will look into how I can change this to look better, but still give the relevant information. Regarding your admin debugging, I assume you mean giving admins more control; admins can now reset players status'.