FriendsList: Everyone needs friends :) [V.2.1.6] Added GitHub

This plugin allows you to add your friends and interact with them in a totally awesome new way!

  1. Bananna
    Bananna, Mitch90509
    *Development is Temporary Suspended*
    Yes, this plugin is Temporary suspended, I will still attempt to make small updates here and there. I am not completely abandoning the project, I am simply too busy these days and cannot keep up with demand, so please just be patient when waiting for new features.
    About FriendsList
    FriendsList is a plugin which allows friends to connect and communicate through an optional GUI interface with all the features of an RPG friend list system.

    Note: I may be getting someone to help me develop some new features soon. So look out for that. I will update the contributors when that happens.

    Commands / Perm Nodes

    /friend help - Lists all the available commands in the plugin (
    /friend add <Player> - Sends a friend request to <Player> (friendslist.general.add)
    /friend remove <Player> - Removes <Player> from your friends list (friendslist.general.del)
    /friend list - Lists all the senders current friends (friendslist.general.list)
    /friend tp <Player> - Teleports sender to <Player>'s location given that <Player> is a friend (
    /friend msg <Player> <Message> - Sends <Message> to <Player> given that <Player> is a friend (friendslist.general.msg)
    /friend gift <Player> [OptionalMessage] - Gifts the itemstack currently help in senders hand to <Player> with an optional message (
    /friend accept <Player> - Accepts <Player>'s Friend request(if exists) (friendslist.general.accept)
    /friend deny <Player> - Denies <Player>'s Friend request(if exists) (friendslist.general.deny)
    /friends - Opens the FriendsList GUI menu if Enabled (friendslist.gui)

    Config Example
    Code (Text):
                      # Configuration File for FriendsList #

    # Plugin Information Settings Below
    # Cooldown-Timer is the cooldown time for teleportation between friends
    # If Enable GUI is set to false, players entering /friends will be presented with an error message
    # The description is not to be edited and is only available in the config.yml to make editing the plugin info easier for me :)
    # Note: The GUI feature is still in Beta testing. If it bugs out you might want to simply delete the Config.yml file and restart the plugin or set the Enable-GUI option to false.
        Description: This plugin allows friends to Add, Connect, and communicate privatly. This plugin also includes many usefull features such as Friend Teleportation and Private Messaging. This plugin also comes with a nifty (optional) GUI.
        Allow-Gifting: true
        Enable-GUI: true
        Disable-Default-Login-Message: true
        Disable-Default-Leave-Message: true

    #Custom Join/Leave and other messages will be configured here.
    #Place Holders:
    # - $player returns the player who is joinin/leaving's name.
    # - $friend returns the friend who is being added or deleted from the players friends list.
    # Color code support. For example &e would be translated to yellow.
        Join: &e $player has joined the server.
        Leave: &e $player has left the server..
        Added: &a $friend has been added as a friend!
        Removed: &c $friend has been removed from your friends list.

    # All your friends will be listed below
    # FRIENDS.
        - Friend1
        - ExampleUsername

    Github Information
    since I(Systemx86/Bananna) have not been able to keep this plugin correctly up-to-date, I have released the plugin as an open-source project on github. Please make sure that when you are modifying the code/files that you abide by the License Terms located in the LICENSE file of the Repository.
    Link to github project:

    Extra terms if using Open Source
    - By modifying this resource you are agreeing to the terms set out by the licensing agreement and the terms listed below.
    - You are not to re-distribute this plugin or re-post it on as a resource.
    - In order to get your modified version of the plugin onto SpigotMc you are required to send me a Personal Message here on spigot and I will update this resource with your version(of course listing you as a contributor).
    - You may not sell this plugin
    - You may not share this plugin with any server without giving explicit authorship to it's original owner(Bananna/Systemx86)
    - You may not place malicious code inside this plugin and ask me to update this resource with it.
    That's it! All you have to worry about and you can continue development on this wonderful plugin :)

Recent Reviews

  1. LoneDev
    Version: [V.2.1.6] Added GitHub
    The plugin works fine, but there's a big bug!
    Players can use the GUI like a backpack, because they can put their items in it...
  2. Ephilanox
    Version: [V.2.1.5]
    It is only under BungeeCord ?
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      I'm not quite sure what you're asking. So i'll just say this. This plugin does not support bungeecord.
  3. KickAxeCraft
    Version: Discontinued [V.2.1.5]
    even tho hes says hes not updating. he still has and ty for a nice plugin.
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your kind words Sir. I have added the Commands and permission nodes for you to the Resource page. I have also added a brief description of the plugin and what I plan to do with it.

      Have fun :)
  4. ImDaFatBoss
    Version: Discontinued
    Atleast keep the plugin up for any others. Even if you're not gonna update this, it works with 1.8, so might as well not remove anything. :(
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      Sir, I updated the plugin to spigot 1.8.8 for you and you can now click the download button again. Sorry for the confusion. Good luck with the plugin. (Note: I have not tested the new version myself yet, so there may be new bugs (Very unlikely) just so you know).
  5. mitch90509
    Version: 2.1.2
    FriendsList Review:

    FriendsList is a high maintenance plugin made by a skilled dev. The dev has been on hand to fix problems and update with speedy fixes and features for owners.

    The plugin proves very beneficial for giving players a nice addition to server and allowing them to connect easier with friends.

    I would highly recommend this for community based servers and minigames servers.

    FriendsList Advantages:
    - Connects the community
    - Fast and constant updates
    - Active dev
    - Does not cause server issues
    - Smooth coding
    - Overall amazing support

    FriendsList Disadvantages:
    - Small typos here and there

    Still receives 5 stars as the dev fixes issues fast and typos are nothing destructive.
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      Thanks Mitch! I appreciate the honest review. I will go over those typo's As soon as I can.
  6. Interface
    Version: 2.1.2
    Great Plugin
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      Thank you TagByte, I appreciate the support <3
  7. Psicosis611
    Version: 2.1.0
    Is not working well for me, the only command that is working is /friends. I have no errors in console so idk why... but u did a great work thats why i give u 5 stars
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      Could you explain to me in more datail what your problem is in the discussion area? I would love to help you get this working.
  8. SolidPVP
    Version: 1.3
    Great plugin! Instant 5 Star :D:D
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! I will be releasing a large update in the coming days. So stay tuned!
  9. MrBruno
    Version: 1.3
    Waiting for next updates that will be awesome :D
    Great Update Recommend this plugin.
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your kind words sir. I will try to add that Java 7 compatibility you mentioned for you in the next release. Thanks again for your patience :)
  10. MrBruno
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin but try to put a gui with all that and visibyliti for friends , not friends, or all invisible
    1. Bananna
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review sir, I will do my best to have these revisions added for you.