FromworldToworld 1.1

teleport players to spawn on join

  1. Scorpion
    FromworldToworld is a plugin that teleports the player to spawn when they log in/join in a certain world when they enter your server.

    This plugin was made after a person had no help from a plugins author and hoped a plugin such as this would solve the issue.

    Issue original: A plugin(unnamed) has a habbit of getting players stuck when they joined the server and had to /spawn to get out.
    This issue only happened in certain worlds.

    This plugin is not a replacement for plugins such as tplogin or essentials's spawn login(but can be)

    in the config you can add a list of worlds and if the player logs in into any of those worlds they are forced back to spawn.

    Q: Does it affect world hop?
    A: No

    -none, ops are not ignored.

    - none

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  1. MirinPvP
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks for helping me out in my forum tópic really helped me out :)
    really usefull also for people who have a special world like an event world or something that is only available for special locations and don't whant people to logout there or for my reason to just stop some glitches with auto regen worlds.
    1. Scorpion
      Author's Response
      your very welcome :)