FrostEssentials 0.5

This is a plugin like Essentials or AdminCmd

  1. FrostPlugins
    This plugin is a high configurable Basicplugin.

    Here is a list of all commands:

    /spawn (teleport you to spawn) Permission: frostessentials.spawn
    /setspawn (sets the spawn where players spawn on join) Permission: frostessentials.setspawn
    /warp [name] (Teleport you to a warp you've set) Permission: frostessentials.warp
    /warp /warps (returns a list of all warps) Permission: frostessentials.warplist
    /setwarp [name] (set a warp at your position) Permission: frostessentials.setwarp
    /delwarp [name] (delete a warp) Permission: frostessentials.delwarp
    /heal <player> (heals a player) Permissions: frostessentials.heal.own, frostessentials.heal.other
    /fly <player> (enable/disable fly mode for a player) Permissions:,
    /gm [Mode] <player> (sets the gamemode for a player) Permissions:,
    /tp [Player] <Player> (teleport you or another player to another player) Permissions:,
    /god <Player> (gives you or another player the godmode,you are invincible) Permissions: frostessentials.god.own, frostessentials.god.other
    /back (teleport you back to your last location) Permission: frostessentials.back
    /iteminfo (gives you information about the item in you hand) Permission: frostessentials.iteminfo
    /stop (stops the server with a custom colored kick message) Permission: frostessentials.stop

    All messages are configurable.

    No AutoMessage needed any more! This plugin includes an AutoMessage system, you can enable it in the config (disabled by default). in messages.yml, you can add messages, change the prefix and set the interval.

Recent Updates

  1. More Commands!