FUBS Random Teleport 2.0 Pre-Release (b71)

Safely teleport your players into the Wilderness! WG/Towny/Factions/RedProtect/GP/WorldBorder

  1. Phoenix616
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    [​IMG] Made in Germany with love (and beer)

    Provides a command (/randomteleport) to randomly teleport a player to a safe location in a give radius around a given point!
    Truly random!

    You can define different presets that your players can use via /rtp <preset> or via any alias that you define in your commands.yml. (E.g. /wilderness for a wildernes teleportfunctionality). It also includes different cooldowns for each preset, parameters to limit the target location to certain biomes and the ability to create random teleport signs!

    Respects WorldGuard, Factions, FactionsUUID, RedProtect and GriefPrevention regions and tries to teleport player to the position with the least protections around it! It also checks for the WorldBorder!

    Blocks it teleports on to in non-force mode:

    • Sand
    • Gravel
    • Dirt
    • Grass
    Programming is time intensive and I would really appreciate your support!
    So if you can afford it or make commercially use of this plugin feel free to buy me a beer! :)

    Video Review & Explanation

    randomteleport.use - Permission to use the command (Not needed for Presets!)
    randomteleport.presets.default - Permission for the default /rtp preset
    randomteleport.presets.<presetname> - Permission for the /rtp <presetname> command
    randomteleport.sign.preset.<presetname> - Permission to use a specific preset on a [RandomTP] sign
    randomteleport.sign.create - Allows creating preset signs ([rtp] or [RandomTP] on the 2nd line and the preset name on the 3rd)
    randomteleport.sign.destroy - Allows destroying preset signs ([rtp] or [RandomTP] on the 2nd line and the preset name on the 3rd)
    randomteleport.manual - Gives permission to manually specify parameters in the command
    randomteleport.manual.option.* -
    Gives permission to use certain options in the command

    randomteleport.tpothers - Lets the user also teleport other players
    randomteleport.cooldownexempt - No teleport cooldowns for players with that permission
    randomteleport.stat - Permission for the /rtp stat command
    randomteleport.reload - Permission for the /rtp reload command


    /randomteleport <minRange> <maxRange> [options]
    • minRange - minimum distance to teleport the player away from the center point (default is the player's location, the range is square shaped)
    • maxRange - maximum distance to teleport
    • Additional options
    /randomteleport --stat - a little debug statistic
    /randomteleport --reload - reload the config
    /randomteleport (without additional parameters) - executes the default preset from the config
    /randomteleport <presetname> - executes the preset set in the config

    /rtp 100 500 -p Phoenix616 -x 0 -z 0 -w equestria -c 60 -f
    Teleports the player called Phoenix616 to a random position in the world equestria and in a radius of 100 to 500 blocks around x/z 0/0. It will not check for saved regions and will only ignore air/lava/water and cactus. A teleport with this options can only be used every 60 seconds.



    Version 1.5.0 introduced presets which you can trigger with only /rtp or /rtp <presetname>. The player needs the permission randomteleport.presets.default to execute the default /rtp or the permission randomteleport.presets.<presetname> to use any other preset with /rtp <presetname>. A player does not need the randomteleport.use permission to use presets!

    You define the presets in the config as if the player would enter the command himself without the -p <playername> option. The player does not need the permission to execute the command you input into the config, just the permission for the specific preset!

    This example is included in the config file:

    default: "/rtp 100 1000 -f"
    test: "rtp 10 200 -f"


    Version 1.6.0 introduces preset signs which work like the normal presets but you can run them from signs. Just write the following lines on a sign:

    Instead of "Default" on the 3rd line you can add the name of every preset you have set in your config. To create and destroy those signs you need the permission randomteleport.sign.create. Players need the permission randomteleport.sign.preset.<presetname> to be able use (rightclick) the sign!
    Code (YAML):
    # Default language to use when client's language isn't available
    : en
    # Some debug information
    : true
    # Delay in ticks between checking chunks when searching
    # Blocks to teleport on in normal mode
    - sand
    - sandstone
    - gravel
    - dirt
    - grass_block
    - coarse_dirt
    - podzol
    - stone
    - granite
    - diorite
    - andesite
    - cobblestone
    - end_stone
    - netherrack
    # Blocks unsave when in "--force blocks" mode
    - air
    - water
    - lava
    - oak_sapling
    - spruce_sapling
    - birch_sapling
    - jungle_sapling
    - acacia_sapling
    - dark_oak_sapling
    - white_bed
    - orange_bed
    - magenta_bed
    - light_blue_bed
    - yellow_bed
    - lime_bed
    - pink_bed
    - gray_bed
    - light_gray_bed
    - cyan_bed
    - purple_bed
    - blue_bed
    - brown_bed
    - green_bed
    - red_bed
    - black_bed
    - powered_rail
    - detector_rail
    - cobweb
    - piston_head
    - tnt
    - torch
    - fire
    - sign
    - ladder
    - rail
    - wall_sign
    - lever
    - stone_pressure_plate
    - iron_door
    - redstone_wall_torch
    - redstone_torch
    - stone_button
    - cactus
    - magma_block
    - nether_portal
    - vine
    - end_portal
    - end_portal_frame
    - tripwire_hook
    - tripwire
    - flower_pot
    - oak_leaves
    - spruce_leaves
    - birch_leaves
    - jungle_leaves
    - acacia_leaves
    - dark_oak_leaves
    - barrier
    - iron_trapdoor
    - oak_trapdoor
    - spruce_trapdoor
    - birch_trapdoor
    - jungle_trapdoor
    - acacia_trapdoor
    - dark_oak_trapdoor
    - oak_door
    - spruce_door
    - birch_door
    - jungle_door
    - acacia_door
    - dark_oak_door
    - end_rod
    - end_gateway
    - "[RTP]"
    - "[RandomTP]"
    # Just write your command arguments as you would use it ingame behind /rtp
    # Don't use the -p parameter, this will get added automatically with the senders name/the specified playername
    # Triggered when you use /rtp without any additional paramters
    : "100 1000"
    # add more to use /rtp <rtpname>, player needs "randomteleport.presets.<rtpname>"
    # <rtpname>: "/rtp 1 2"
    : "10 200 -f"
    Default english language settings can be found in the lang.en.yml. If you want to add more language support just create a new lang.<locale>.yml in your languages folder :)
    If you need help feel free to ask in the discussion thread or directly open a ticket on the GitHub issue tracker. (Make sure to check if others have that issue too!)
    The source code can be found on Github under the GPlv3 license!

    Development Builds
    Development builds are available via the Minebench.de Jenkins server


    These features will be implemented in the full 2.0 rewrite:
    • Y coordinate specification Implemented
    • Support Nether and End Implemented
    • Per world default presets
    • More teleport target control
    • Teleport multiple players at once to the same coordinate (team support)
    • Max usage per teleport
    • Delay before teleporting
    • Option to only teleport to generated chunks Implemented
    • More protection plugin compatibility (like RedProtect) Implemented
    • Pay for teleports
    For a full and more detailed list see the milestone on GitHub.​

    Other Resources

    This resource is distributed without any warranty or liability by the author according to the GPLv3.

Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.7.4
    The first plugin that works with world generators!
    I have downloaded many random teleports but this is the only one which works on 1.15.2, map generators and has a lot of customization possibilities. Just amazing!
  2. NotMyFault
    Version: 1.7.4
    A perfect random teleport plugin, does everything you need and has lots of customization possibility. Wonderful <3
  3. Satphire
    Version: 1.7.4
    Awesome plugin!! Phoenix616 was able to help me with a problem super fast! Danke!
  4. LuxisProchy
    Version: 1.7.4
    Very good plugin! Newer versions of this plugin have to be found on ther website.
  5. mrdeniska1234
    Version: 1.7.4
    So good. Pls fix /rtp with non op account uses. Don't teleportation on default config, syntax error..
    1. Phoenix616
      Author's Response
      Please provide the actual error your are getting in the discussion thread. (And you should change the default values to match your setup/permissions) Also if you have any errors please test if the latest development builds already solve them for you.
  6. galacticwarrior
    Version: 1.7.4
    The only plugin that allows you to randomly teleport within a radius determined by a command, which allows for different and extremely flexible random teleports in a world. Excellent work.
  7. FlauschiSchaf
    Version: 1.7.4
    What to say more..
    Just Awesome!

    Super Plugin, kann man nur empfehlen!
    (um die Reviews auch mal was deutscher zu gestalten)
  8. Rocologo
    Version: 1.7.4
    RandomTeleport does not work for MC 1.13.1. Please update.
  9. lulek123
    Version: 1.7.4
    The plugin is great but please add 1.13+ support SOON!!
    Need it for my server!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Green_LED
    Version: 1.7.4
    It would be so much better if the signs could be colored. Otherwise, great plugin and I have no other complaints.