FUBS Random Teleport 2.0 Pre-Release (b71)

Safely teleport your players into the Wilderness! WG/Towny/Factions/RedProtect/GP/WorldBorder

  1. 2.0 Pre-Release (b71)

    Even though this isn't even the full update yet it would've already taken around 400€ to develop, but you can have it for free! But of you want to support me anyways I would really appreciate it! <3

    This is a complete rewrite of the plugin. Please test and report any issues!

    It requires a slightly modified config. Ideally you just let it re-create...
  2. 1.7.4 - Fix minimum range

    • Fixed the minimum range. (Thanks to Talabrek for noticing this bug) Previously the minimum range was applied to both, the x and z coordinate at the same time which made it impossible to generate positions which had just one of the axis out of the minimum range.
  3. 1.7.3 - fix vanilla world border

    • Fix error where players would be teleported outside of the Vanilla world border
  4. 1.7.2 - Fix error with region checks

    • This update fixes an error with region checks not working properly
    If you want to support me and my plugin development, I now have a patreon with some rewards that might interest you ;)
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  5. 1.7.1 - Fix biomes option

    • Fixed -biome parameter not working as it should
    • Added a debug config option
    Download via the github releases
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  6. FactionsUUID, CoreProtect, -biome and loaded

    • FactionsUUID support
    • CoreProtect support
    • Respects vanilla WorldBorder
    • -b/-biome bionename biome2 ... - Lets you specify the biome(s) it should only teleport you to. It uses Bukkit's Biome enum names.
    • -l/-loaded - Only searches for valid locations in loaded chunks. Warning: This option might fail more often then the normal method!
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  7. I made a thing! Resource icons ftw!

    High res version of the icon I threw together in a couple minutes


    1. randomteleportericon.png
  8. Fix for newer Factions, added RandomTP signs

    • Made compatible with the latest Factions (2.7.1)
    • Added [RandomTP] signs for presets
    • Added blocks and regions parameter for -force option
    • Added config reload command
      (For all changes see the github commit history)