FullBright Auto 2015-06-02

similar to bukkit version of full bright but modified code to make it auto bright when joining

  1. Wheatbro1
    Ever had a dark spawn that needed serious lighting well now you don't have too. This plugin automatically enables FullBright like the hack on a hack client but its automatically full bright when a player joins no commands or nothing to config. Just put the jar in and go simple as that.
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Recent Reviews

  1. DariusTK
    Version: 2015-06-02
    Excellent idea but no longer working. update it! thank you. Ive been looking for a plugin like this.
  2. AeSix
    Version: 2015-06-02
    This works on 1.15.2 - though it throws an error, and does not auto enable on player join.

    I would love to see this updated to correct for the errors. I would put in a bug report, but there is no link to do so.