FunCommands [1.13.2 Compatible] 1.0.2

A collection of FUN commands that make your server more fun to play!

  1. ThirtyVirus
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Source Code:

    • This plugin adds a variety of fun (and useful) commands to your Minecraft server!
    • If you have any ideas for new FUN (or useful) commands ask for them in the discussions!

    • /funhelp - Shows a full list of the commands this plugin offers
    • /anvil - Brings up portable anvil GUI [WIP]
    • /milk PLAYER - Remove all potion effects from player. Not giving a name removes potion effects from the user.
    • /rename - Renames the item in your hand, and does not rename custom named items from other plugins (as long as they use colors)
    • /smelt - Smelts an item in the user's hand
    • /fb - easy fireball command (/fb SPEED POWER)
    • /funreload - reload the plugin config

    • FunCommands.anvil
    • FunCommands.milk
    • FunCommands.milk.other
    • FunCommands.rename
    • FunCommands.smelt
    • FunCommands.fb
    • FunCommands.admin
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