FunCommands [1.13.2 Compatible] 1.0.0

A collection of FUN commands that make your server more fun to play!

  1. ThirtyVirus
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13



    • This plugin is a WORK IN PROGRESS
    • Certain features (such as the anvil command) have problems that make them impractical for general server use. It is recommended that use of this plugin be limited to personal or test servers.
    • The features of this plugin are pretty lacking, and as such I would love to receive some ideas for new commands in the discussions! What FUN commands would you like to be added?


    • /funhelp - Shows a full list of the commands this plugin offers
    • /anvil - Brings up portable anvil GUI [WIP]
    • /milk PLAYER - Remove all potion effects from player. not giving a name removes potion effects from the user.
    • /rename - Renames the item in your hand, and does not rename custom named items from other plugins (as long as they use colors)
    • /smelt - Smelts an item in the user's hand [WIP]


    • FunCommands.use - gives access to user commands and features
    • FunCommands.admin - gives access to admin commands and features

    • FunCommands.COMMAND_NAME
    • gives access to the command in question (ex: FunCommands.milk)


    Before you Review

    • DO NOT leave a negative review due to bugs. Please contact me ([email protected]) and I will be happy to work with you to get the bug fixed asap.
    • Remember: servers are complicated. Certain plugins do not play nice when installed together. This may cause crashes or unexpected behavior that is not the fault of the developers of either plugin.
    • Be respectful and constructive. If a concept in the plugin is fundamentally flawed in your opinion, explain why so I can work to make it better.
    • Be fair! Just because you are experiencing a problem, that doesn't mean everyone is. My plugin getting a 1 star review because you had the wrong version of Spigot installed is pretty unfair to me, no?