FunCommands 1.0B

FunCommands is a plugin that adds fun commands to your minecraft server.

  1. MrBlackIsBack
    FunCommands adds some cool and fun commands to your Minecraft server. The plugin is fully compatible with 1.8.3 and was compiled with Java 1.8. FunCommands adds 3 features (see features for more info). More will be added in the future as this is only a Beta version.

    Here is a list of Commands / Features this plugin adds:

    FunVanish - Vanish's the sender - funcmds.vanish

    FunJump - Allows the player to double jump - funcmds.doublejump

    FunColor - Allows the player to change their Chat Color - funcmds.colorchat

    This is only in Beta, more will be added

    Fun Color:
    There is only a few available chat colors, more will be added in the future. Here is the current list:
    • Gold
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Aqua
    • Red
    These can be viewed in game with "/funcolor view"

    Thank you for viewing my first spigot plugin!