FunItems 1.0.1

"FunItems" enables players to buy items that spawn particles and animals on rightclick

  1. TheBlackIPs
    "FunItems" enables players to buy items that spawn particles and animals on rightclick.
    This can be utilized to give premium players the possibility to brag with particle effects on lobby servers.



    • permissions
    • easy installation
    • shop inventory GUI
    • custom FunItems
    • 7 predefined FunItems

    Commands / Permissions
    If your players have the "buy" (<item>) and the "use" (funitems.use.<item>) permission, they will have to buy the item every time they want a new one. If you want them to have to unlock an item once, simply don't give them the "use" permission, but the "unlock" (funitems.unlock.<item>) permission. Now, if they don't have the "buy" permission, too, they will get every item for free after unlocking it.

    Shop Commands:
    opens the shop inventory. (​
    /funshop give <player> <item>
    gives a player a free FunItem. (funitems.give)​
    /funshop buy <item>
    buys a FunItem. (<item> or*)​
    /funshop unlock <item>
    unlocks a FunItem. (funitems.unlock.<item> or funitems.unlock.*)​

    Admin Commands:

    displays information about the plugin. (no permission)​
    /funitems all
    gives the player all available FunItems. (funitems.all)​
    /funitems reload
    reloads the custom FunItems. (funitems.reload)​

    Other Permissions:
    or funitems.use.*
    permits the player to use the FunItem with a rightclick.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't give your players this permission, they will have to unlock the item before being able to use it!​
    funitems.toggle.<item> or funitems.toggle.*
    permits the player to toggle the FunItem with a leftclick.​
    removes the cooldown time after using the FunItem.​
    permits the player to drop FunItems.​

    Just drop it in your plugin folder. It's easy.

    Shop Inventory GUI
    This inventory GUI lists all FunItems the player can buy or unlock.
    If a player has neither the "use" nor the "unlock" permission, the item will not be listed.


    Custom FunItems

    All FunItems are stored in the data folder of this plugin (/plugins/FunItems/items/) as .yml files. You can modify them just as you can modify the config.yml. All .yml files in that folder will be loaded, so you can even create completely new FunItems by copying and modifiying the example.txt, which you will find in the same folder. Just save it as .yml afterwards and run /funitems reload ingame to load them.

    If you happen to create a very cool one feel free to post it below, and I may include it in the next version.

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