Funny Jokes 2020-06-20

Makes online players laugh at your top-tier jokes

  1. StealingDaPenta
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    • 1.15
    XTen /w the amazing advice
    Do you make a lot of puns?
    Lot of dad-jokes, yeah?
    Do people sometimes completely ignore your hilarious remarks?
    NO MORE!

    Use /joke <joke> to make 15% of the online players laugh at your undervalued humour. No one will notice, I promise!

    But wait! There is more!!

    /joke <joke>
    Makes players laugh whenever you make an amazing joke!

    /addjoke <category> <joke>
    Add your own jokes!

    /randomjoke <category>
    Makes you say a random joke based on chosen type. No laughs promised..

    Shows all available categories and howmany jokes they contain.
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  1. Right .jar this time fellas
  2. Custom jokes!

Recent Reviews

  1. XTen
    Version: 2020-06-19
    Wow. Just wow. Just when I thought "Funny Jokes" couldn't get any better, it adds a BRAND new update featuring > Added /addjoke <category> <joke>
    > Added /randomjoke <category>
    > Added /jokecategories

    This allows you to save all your custom jokes, and sort them based on category.
    After adding a bunch of jokes, you can get a random joke from a chosen category.
    jokecategories returns all the available categories stored, and the amount of jokes they contain.

    Some category ideas: puns, dadjokes,...