Funny lobby plugin V1

cookie feeder and vanish clock

  1. bigbiertje
    bigbiertje-dev / koningdoopje - tester
    Hello people this is my plugin cookie feeder + a clock to vanish into a hub server This is useful when you want to give players hungry but you do not every time to give a cookie or meat

    Well the solution here you can just continue to use it yourself! your cookie (self !!!!!) to feeden

    and of course
    the clock
    is for vanish other players

    This is a small plugin for your hub no permissions needed and ready to use

    Because I had problems here with spigot you can now / version gdhub do

    This plugin was created for my own server! gdnetwork
    therefore they called that gdhub

    Permission - non atm
    Config - non atm

    always join on the spawn
    make a config
    and permissions
    cookie feeder on/of
    giving the cookie / clock
    ps Sorry for my english
    i am dutch

    test server -

    before and after