FunnyFilter - The comedic chat filter. 2.1

Troll the trolls with this amusing chat filter.

  1. Swear Jar :o

    Hey guys, Im ProSavage!

    I will now be updating this plugin and adding new features weekly!

    For now, here are the first few features!

    • Added in a no permission message on the reload command, as it seeems like on does not exist on use.
    • Added in a new feature to fine a player using vault.
    • Added in a new entry in the lang file with a placeholder, that will replace it with the cost value.
    • Added in 2 new entries to the config with a toggle option for the fine, and the...
  2. Bug Fix

    Fixes the /replacewith command :3
  3. Spam Protection.

    Hey guys this adds a spam guard to your server that can be adjusted in the config. If you guys have any suggestions for how I can improve this let me know ^-^

  4. More Adjustments

    Adjusted a few more things. Should be rockin now xD
  5. FIxes

    This update fixes issues in the last build. Enjoy
  6. Complete rewrite

    So hey guys,

    FunnyFilter was my second plugin on spigot. third was RepairPlus and first was KitPreview. I never really gave it a lot of love and over time it got worn down and old. So I decided to completly rewrite it. No unfortunately you won't be able to drop this into your server and turn it on some things will need to be moved to different yml files that it now uses but overall its a simple process.

    In the coming weeks I will be adding more features and attempting to directly compete...
  7. Chatcolor update.

    if your server has chatcolor the plugin should now work. I couldn't test this because I don't have chat color so let me know if this works or not <3
  8. New UpdateServer

    It's the moment you've all been waiting for xD. All my plugins now use a new update server and are programed to continue without error if its down. All should be clean from here on out ^-^
  9. Caps update

    A little late I know but I added a feature to block caps based on your preference. If you want to block all caps you can set the config setting to 100, if you want to block caps only if say 25 percent or more of the characters were capital then you would put 25.

    ENJOY ;P
  10. Bug Fix

    Hey guys this doesn't really fix a bug but it fixes a problem, so just update to stay safe.