FunPads 1.0

Simple Launchpads

  1. SuperSniper
    Simple Launchpads
    • Simple Launchpads Is A Very Simple Launchpad Plugin That Makes Having Hub Launchpads On Popular Servers, Super Easy For You!
    How To Install:
    • Download Launchpads.jar
    • Install Launchpads.jar Into Your /plugins Folder.
    • Reload/Restart Your Server.
    • Place Down A Stone_Pressure_Plate.
    • Walk Over It And Jump. Done!
    Servers Using This Plugin:
    • None D: Leave A Nice Review With Your Server Ip To Get Your Server Listed Here.

Recent Reviews

  1. awesomePT
    Version: 1.0
    All JumpPads plugins have block under pressure plate. Add under block like emerald block. I thinmk nobody do with emerald block.