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Check if your server is responding while making a fun noise!

  1. Venturee
    FunPing v1.0!

    This is my second plugin and I'm still learning java... Still. This may seem not very good. I understand that xD. Im not very good as you can see :p Made for that typical new server with lag and it is designed for a server just to check if it is responding by sending you a message and playing a noise!

    Commands, Permissions, Descriptions, Messages And Noises.
    Command: FP
    Permission: FunPing.FP
    Description: Sends a message and a message!
    Mesage sent:
    Noise Sent: ORB Pickup

    Command: Sure
    Permission: FunPing.Sure
    Description: Just making sure. Sends a message and another noise!
    Message sent:
    Noise Sent: Ghast Scream 2

    Command: FPHelp
    Permission: FunPing.FPHelp
    Description: Help Page
    Message(s) sent.
    Noise sent: None

    Idea from:

    • Stop your server
    • Download FunPing.jar
    • Drag and drop FunPing.jar to your plugins folder.
    • Start your server and it will be installed.
    • (Side note) Remember to add the permissions to your desired group/ player or they will not be able to use the command!
    Known Bugs:
    None :D

    Upcoming Features:
    Help page or something. Idea suggestions are good and all are welcomes (Unless they're stoopid ideas)

    Remember to rate and give USEFUL comments/ ideas :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. mrdado243
    Version: New web host
    I don't see point in this plugin unless it show real ping, you can check response with any command even if it does not exist. nice work but.. nope
  2. smeths
    Version: 1.1
    like the concept man
    1. Venturee
      Author's Response
      Thanks Smeths :)