FunPoke - The best poke plugin fully customizable MC 1.8 1.4.1

add a funny poke plugin and custom it very simply !

  1. minor bug fix

    minor bug fix
  2. Bug Fixed

    Tiny bug fixed
  3. Reload command added

    Fix bug
    plugin improvement
    Added command : /pokereload
    Added permission : funpoke.reload
    the command for reload is accessible for op player in default
  4. Bug Fixed and New Features

    Fixed Minor bug
    Add 2 new permissions
    add 2 new commands
  5. End of Beta Edition

    End of BETA Edition
    fix some minor bug (no impact on the plugin)
  6. New features

    Add new features !
    — Now permission enable on the Plugins
    • funpoke.send : allow to send a poke
    • funpoke.noreceive : disallow to receive poke
    • funpoke.admin : bypass for the cooldown and the disallow to receive permission​
  7. Fixe Bug

    Update 1.1 (BETA Edition)
    — fixe bug when poke an offline player