Furnace Stats 1.0


  1. Lew_
    Furnace Stats

    What is furnace stats?
    Furnace stats is a cool, cosmetic which you can give to everyone / donors to let them view how much of an item the furnace has smelted. This light weight plugin will provide them with that answer.


    Why was it created?
    I created it because it was a simple feature which doesn't effect game-play that gave my donors a little something back which is actually useful. Personally I really enjoy knowing how much I smelt in my furnace, it's surprising!

    Only one permission node is currently available in this lightweight plugin:
    "furnacestats.view" -> Allows the player to view the statistics.

    Future planned features:
    1. Top 3 items leader-board per furnace
    2. Command to toggle the message
    3. Command to view a furnace stat's without having to smelt something.
    4. Config to configure messages
    Enjoy this simple, light-weight plugin!
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