FurnaceLevels 1.1.2

Furnaces will go faster up to level 5!

  1. 1.8.3-1.11.2 Compatibility

    Added support for:
    1.8.3, 1.8.8, 1.8.9, 1.9.2, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2

    Supporting previous versions was reconsidered as a number of Factions servers still use 1.8. Servers that run on previous versions may now use with full compatibility and development support.
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  2. More squished bugs, GUI improvements

    Bugs fixed:
    - [Minor] Sometimes getting burned by the furnace would toss you farther than intended.
    [Medium] Certain items would not complete smelting before they finished burning, wasting resources.
    [Minor] Attempting to open the level GUI for furnaces placed before the plugin was added would cause errors until it is replaced.

    The layout was changed to be a bit more user-friendly and tell them a bit more about...
  3. Negative permissions unbroken

    Name says it all. Minor issues with permissions today.
  4. Permissions! Blocked items! Burns?!

    You can now control your players' ability to level their furnaces! Like a real evil mastermind :^)

    Item blacklist:
    Suggested by @instantout, rather than hard-coded blocking of specific burntimes, certain fuels can be blacklisted from use in upgraded furnaces in the configuration.

    Furnaces cannot be upgraded while they are burning. To tell players this, there is now a message stating so and the player gets a small burn. What did you...
  5. New lang.yml file and convenience improvements

    New lang.yml:
    - You can now rename leveled furnaces and change their lore.

    Block placing fix:
    - Previously, blocks were unable to be placed against furnaces due to the method of opening their level GUI. Shift-right-clicking a furnace no longer opens the GUI when an item is in your hand.
  6. Fixed bugs and improved functionality

    Previously, quick smelting would only trigger when a furnace started burning. It now triggers when an item smelts.
    There was also an immediate fix made to a bug that would cause error spam on the console when the furnace's fuel slot is empty and quick smelting is in effect.