FurnaceLevels 1.3

Furnaces will go faster up to level 5!

  1. New features! Vault support!

    Vault Support
    We've got Vault support! You can now use any economy plugin that hooks into Vault for FurnaceLevels.

    Custom Item costs
    Custom items to remove from players instead of economy balance can now be defined in the config.

    Debug command
    This little debug feature was added for owners who need a bit of assistance making sure their custom items are set up correctly. If you enable "/fldebug", you will be able to receive the custom item defined in their config file...
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  2. Bug fix

    [Minor] Furnaces placed prior to the plugin's addition would throw an error when trying to open the level menu. This has been fixed
  3. Fixed some major and minor bugs

    Note: There are some new placeholders, {NEXT-LEVEL}, {NEXT-COST}, and {NEXT-TPT} (ticks-per-tick).
    [Major] Level 0 furnaces would try to retrieve a cost for themselves that didn't exist. The cost tag now returns as 0 for level 0 furnaces.

    [Medium] Trying to retrieve messages would throw an error if a message is missing from the config. Now, it is replaced by a message stating that it is missing from the lang.yml. This will likely be temporary until real...
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  4. CMI support and item/inventory name and lore customization

    CMI is now supported.
    - CMI support was requested by @Yhenko. Thank you for the suggestion! All feedback is very much appreciated.

    Items have customizable names and lore!
    - Many users have requested more customization for the level GUI. The plugin has taken a step in this direction!

    Any bugs found should be reported to me via plugin discussion,
    forums conversation, or Discord PM @Escad#0516.
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  5. One more bug

    Furnaces became sentient and tried to name themselves, but weren't sure what to name themselves and settled for an error in the console instead. This has been fixed.
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  6. More bugs squashed.

    - [Minor] Fixed the directional bug that would cause furnaces to only face one direction (again).

    - [Medium] Upgraded furnaces, when mined, may have spawned inside of solid blocks, causing them to glitch and the player to lose the item. This was not confirmed, but precautions were taken against it (the item is now dropped at the center of the block).

    - [Major] Fixed a bug that would cause upgraded furnaces to not be added to the boost list that all...
  7. Added new "refund-cost" option

    'refund-cost' option in the config.yml:
    This cancels dropping the leveled furnace item and instead drops a normal furnace, additionally refunding the player the total cost of all upgrades. There may be later additions to configure how much of this total cost (likely as a percentage).
  8. 1.8.3-1.11.2 Compatibility

    Added support for:
    1.8.3, 1.8.8, 1.8.9, 1.9.2, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2

    Supporting previous versions was reconsidered as a number of Factions servers still use 1.8. Servers that run on previous versions may now use with full compatibility and development support.
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  9. More squished bugs, GUI improvements

    Bugs fixed:
    - [Minor] Sometimes getting burned by the furnace would toss you farther than intended.
    [Medium] Certain items would not complete smelting before they finished burning, wasting resources.
    [Minor] Attempting to open the level GUI for furnaces placed before the plugin was added would cause errors until it is replaced.

    The layout was changed to be a bit more user-friendly and tell them a bit more about...
  10. Negative permissions unbroken

    Name says it all. Minor issues with permissions today.