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  1. angecoded
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    • 1.15

    Hey, furnace recipes, you can easily move, the Items that you're back to crafted again "crafting". For example, you accidentally created too many diamond boots, then you take an oven with coal, put the diamond boots as Material on top and you get 4 diamonds back.

    There are currently no Commands & Permissions, but I am always open to suggestions!

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    • You may download the Plugin and use it without mentioning it on your Server.
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    • You may not resell the Plugin.
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Recent Reviews

  1. awiky
    Version: 1.0
    works nice in 1.16.1 ^^ . is a good plugin. Can you make if "chestplate" is 50% durability only give 50% mats? sorry for bad english,
    1. angecoded
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the suggestion! I will expand the Plugin in some time and bring your suggestion!