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  1. Ste3et_C0st
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    German (DE_de), Englisch (EN_en), France (FR_fr), Polish (PL_pl), Russian (RU_ru)
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    The FurnitureLib is mangage Armorstand creations packet based on the server to prevent some kind of lags for the Minecraft Server. It is under construction since 2015, i want to fix any kind of bug/glicht i can fix it.

    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    Minecraft 1.9.x - 1.12.x | FurnitureLib1_12.jar
    Minecraft 1.13.x - 1.14.x | FurnitureLib1_13.jar

    Incompatible plugins:
    No Informations

    Unsupported Minecraft Versions:
    The Plugin support for Minecraft 1.8 has been stopped since the 1.9.x has been released the reason is the FurnitureLib has completley
    rewritten, and Mojang change alot of Item Position on Entitys the reason is some Models looks wired

    What did the Protectionlib deos ?
    The ProtectionLib hooks into the api of Protection Plugins Plotsqaured/Worldguard/... to handel it with the FurnitureLib. It check if a player are the Owner of the Plot or Region who a furniture want to be placed to or is the player is trusted to give him automatically Furniture Buildingrights on his region / plot

    Vault (optional)
    LightAPI (optional)
    └ ProtectionLib (it's inside of the​

    Donators ❤️️

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    Read before you write a review
    Please do not paste any kind of Error code in the Review if you want to report me something you can write me a pm or use the discussion or write a bug report on the Github Page.
    The review Section is my own Feedback i hope you write something nice or funny reviews.
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Recent Reviews

  1. sadasdasda412332
    Version: 2.5.0
    nike good like
  2. malachiel
    Version: 2.5.0
    Great developer and great plugin, thank you for your fast 1.17 support <3 much kisses
  3. Philotastisch
    Version: 2.4.0
    Very good plugin, working really good! Please add AdvancedRegionMarket deletion support!
  4. Cocoa
    Version: 2.3.3
    Still loving this plugin! I use it to make custom items, like telepads, for my servers. Really appreciate all the work put into it. <3
  5. Pbupph
    Version: 2.3.0
    Hey can u make PLAYER_HEAD can add the textpack on items of that funiture pls!!!!!!!!!
  6. Esu
    Version: 2.3.0
    Excellent plugin saving an astronomical amount of time. I can now focus entirely on coding furniture features without having to worry about databases, packets, or armor stands management. The plugin handles all this mess by itself.
    The author's git repositories helped me a lot, and his constant support on Discord about the plugin is breathtaking. Many thanks!
  7. SchreddarPwnz
    Version: 2.3.0
    Works Perfectly and amazes me with what it's capable of, i made a yt vid showcasing some of the items this allows you to add, and added a link to this and the furniture plugin i use with it, tested along side 60+ plugins on 1.15.2 with zero conflicts or issues of any kind to-date! Shout-out to the author! =D
  8. Bon3z
    Version: 2.2.9
    I love this plugin and it worked well with dicefurniture but im not sure of what happened with it bcs the console of my server now says your server does not support the import command for armor stands and when i try placing furniture all i see are armor stands is there a fix for this?
    1. Ste3et_C0st
      Author's Response
      Dude read the changelog or the big fat red text on the plugin main page on spigot!
      If you want to use the /furniture import command use the latest dev build from my download center ...
  9. Rhbarber
    Version: 2.2.9
    Excellent plugin, well made. And the author is so attentive and helpful on his discord.
  10. Govindas
    Version: 2.2.8
    loving the update so far, there were errors previously that I could not understand, now it exactly says from what models the errors are coming, I like that!