FurnitureLibary/ProtectionLib 2.1.4

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  1. Update

    1. Better /furniture list command
      1. Player with the permission furniture.recipe.SYSTEM-ID can open the recipe gui with a simple click on a Type
      2. Player with the permission furniture.give can give a furniture to himself
      3. Player with the permission furniture.debug can see the systemID and the amount
      4. the /furniture list display now the Item Name as default and not the SystemID
    2. Limitation Type Player
      1. a lot of people want a max amount limit for a player of all Furniture
        1. now it gives a complete: true tag in the player.yml
        2. this set the max limit i mean then the total limit is enable and the complete is true the player have a total limit of exemple 10 it can be place (2 Chairs & 8 Tables)
      2. it gives a new message for the complete limit
    3. Fix some permissions
      1. The place bypass permission was wrong change from furniture.bypass.placeSlpam -> furniture.bypass.placeSplam
      2. Player with the furniture.toggle command can be toggle another players
    ProtectionLib: Nothing
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