FusionPixelmon 1.11

Add a little extra to your Pixelmon experience - PokeBuilder, ArcPlates, Modifier Tokens, and more!

  1. TheFusionDev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
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    Add a little extra to your Pixelmon experience - PokeBuilder, ArcPlates, Modifier Tokens, and more!

    - Forge - forge-1.12.2-
    - Pixelmon Reforged - Pixelmon-1.12.2-8.1.2-universal.jar
    - Spigot


    An interactive PokeDesigner with 12 shops for modifying your Pokemon.

    Inspired by the pokemon designer on PokeCentral.org


    An interactive management UI for storing Arceus Plates and quickly switching between them.


    Shrine Pickup
    Allows the "breaking" and picking up of Pixelmon's unbreakable Shrines, Timespace Altars, and Chalices.
    Clicking one of these structures in survival mode while holding the appropriate diamond tool will drop this item in your inventory, if there are available slots.
    In the multiplayer versions, shrines can also be locked to prevent other players from picking them up.


    Modifier Tokens
    Token items which can be used to modify specific aspects of your Pokemon.
    Admins could add modifier tokens to chest loot or prizes for players, if original item data is preserved.


    Craftable Master Balls
    Adds the Master Ball crafting recipe back into the game.


    Commands and Permissions
    Code (Text):
    | Command                               | Permission                                | Description                   |
    | `/pd` or `/pokedesigner`              | fusionpixelmon.command.pokedesigner       | Opens the PokeDesigner UI     |
    | `/arc`                                | fusionpixelmon.command.arc                | Opens the ArcPlates UI        |
    | `/pokemodifier <modifier> [player]`   | fusionpixelmon.command.admin.pokemodifier | Gives Pokemon modifier tokens |
    The config files can be found in `<server>/plugins/FusionPixelmon`.

    To modify features of this plugin, open `fusionpixelmon.conf`, and start the server after saving any changes made.

    Above each setting in the config file, there will be comments explaining the feature and how to disable it.

    To return the `fusionpixelmon.conf` config file back to the original, you can either delete it and it'll be created upon next server startup, or copy-paste the values from the default config.

    - Discord
    - Issue tracker

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