Gacha 1.2

It is a simple item drawing lottery.

  1. kubotan
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    It is a simple item drawing lottery.

    ■Installation method
    Please put jar in the plugins folder of spigot or bukkit.

    Note: It is recommended that you use a protection plug-in such as LWC or WorldGuard.

    1. Create signbord.
    Code (Text):
    line1 [gacha] Fixed character string
    line2 setting1 Specify gacha name. Please enter the this line with one-byte alphanumeric underscore
    line3 For beginners Title for sign.
    line4 Get armor!! Comment for sign.
    2. Set Chest.
    /gacha modify setting1

    Please right click and punch the chest.
    After setting the chest, it is completed.

    3. Please put prizes in the chest.
    The item will be copied to the user by lottery.

    4. Issuing lottery tickets
    /gacha ticket <player_name>


    5. Finish
    Hold the ticket on your right hand and right click on the signbord to receive the prize.

    6. Command.
    Code (Text):
    /gacha list - List all gacha
    /gacha modify <gacha_name> - Modify a gacha
    /gacha delete <gacha_name> - Delete a gacha
    /gacha ticket @a - Tickets will be issued to all players.
    /gacha ticket @p - We will issue a ticket to the nearest player.
    /gacha ticket @r - One person will be randomly selected from the players and a ticket will be issued.
    /gacha ticket @s - Issue a ticket to the player who executed the command
    /gacha ticket <player_name> - Issue a ticket
    Code (Text):
    gacha.list - /gacha list
    gacha.modify - /gacha modify
    gacha.delete - /gacha delete
    gacha.create - create gacha by signbord
    Other operation is op.
    Issue ticket is console or op.

    Do not assume any responsibility by use. Please use it at your own risk.

    ■Build command(Linux)
    $ mvn package

    ■Japanese 日本語φ(`д´)メモメモ...

    /gacha reloadするとconfig.ymlを再読み込みします。

    2行目「gacha1」 ガチャガチャ設定名(削除や変更で指定する為の名称です。) 
    3行目「新規ガチャ」  ガチャガチャ表示名(看板を貼り付け終わると看板の1行目に表示されます。)
    4行目「初心者装備GET!」 ガチャガチャ説明(看板を貼り付け終わると看板の2行目に表示されます。)


    /gacha modify gacha1

    /gacha ticket kubotan


Recent Updates

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  2. Gacha-1.1.jar
  3. Add api-version in plugin.yml.