GalacticChat Version 1.1

Galactic Chat plugin for BungeeCord

  1. Intangir

    • Multiple Channels
    • Channel Aliases
    • Focusable channels
    • Private Messaging
    • Reply and Retell
    • Local server passthrough mode
    • Localmode lets you use a custom chat system for specific servers
    • Configurable Censoring optional by user
    • Users can ignore whoever they want
    • Configurable colors
    • Configurable Commands
    • Permissions
    • Lightweight and straight to the point
    • No need for DBs or crazy configs
    • No need for a bukkit side plugin
    • CONSOLE can also join channels and chat
    • Can hide admins and console (set hidden = true in user config)

    • galacticchat.joinleave (can join and leave channels)
    • galacticchat.invite (can invite others to channels)
    • galacticchat.channelinfo (can list users in a channel)
    • galacticchat.privatemessage (can use private messaging)
    • galacticchat.ban (can ban players from channels)

    • Rank colors (don't use them so don't care)
    • Restricted channels (all channels are joinable by anyone who knows the name)
    • The look of chat is unconfigurable. sorry, can always build your own

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.1