GambleBar - The Perfect Gambling Solution 2.3 Beta

Gamble by drinking - NPC Shops - Commands - Easy to use - Free

  1. [NEW] Ability to give drinks via command!

    • IMPORTANT: You must regenerate your messages.yml file, or add this line by hand.
    Code (YAML):
    #Message sent to player when they receive a drink via command
    : "&6[&fGambleBar&6] &fYou have received a &c%drink% &f drink!"

    #Message sent to the command sender when the bar name or slot id is invalid when using /bar give
    : "&6[&fGambleBar&6] &cError, either the bar name or slot ID is an invalid drink."
    • ...
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  2. [NEW] Ability to remove Gambler Villagers

    • IMPORTANT: You must regenerate your messages.yml file, or add this line by hand.
    Code (YAML):
    #Message sent to player who removes a gambler entity
    : "&6[&fGambleBar&6] &fThe gambler entity was removed!"
    • Players are now able to remove gambler villager entities by clicking on them while holding a golden carrot. Permission required: "gamblebar.admin.remove.entity".
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  3. [FIX] Bug when player clicked in bar inventory

    • Quick bug fix for when a player clicked in bar inventory
  4. [NEW & FIX] Delete bars, fixed bug, fixed messages

    • [NEW] Added command to remove bars. Command: /bar delete <barName>. Perm:
    • [NEW] Added message when a bar is created.
    • [FIX] Fixed misspelling in default messages.yml.
    • [FIX] Fixed a bug where player lost money when they tried to buy a drink with a full inventory. They will now get a "full inventory" message and will not lose money.
    Please either regenerate your messages.yml or manually add these lines to the end:

    Code (YAML):

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  5. [RE-WRITE] GambleBar 2.0 BETA Version

    Everything about this plugin is different from the 1.x versions, everything has been re-done. Here are the most notable changes so far.
    • Plugin is now open-source.
    • You can now create an unlimited number of bars and an unlimited number of gambler entities.
    • Plugin is now much more well-written (not claiming it's perfect).
    • Anti-dupe protection added to prevent broken economies.
    • Plugin is now only made for 1.13 (for now at least).
    • More, but not important to list for now....
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  6. [FIX] Fixed for lower versions of 1.8

    • The 1.8 version was only working for 1.8.8 servers (I'm pretty sure), so this update is a fix for 1.8 and 1.8.3 servers.
  7. [NEW] Support for 1.8 servers

    • When you download the .zip file, use the "GambleBar 1.8" version for 1.8 servers!
    • No changes made to the 1.12 version
  8. [FIX] Permission Bug + Issue with console commands

    • There was another permission check for "gamblebar.buydrink", which I was not aware of. There are already permission nodes for the bar command and using the bar NPCs, so this permission has been removed. Shoutout to @MasDaddy for reporting this to me. Also, there was a "insufficientPermission" message in the lang.yml. That has been removed, as "noPermission" is the correct one.
    • Fixed an issue that didn't allow users to use /gamble give <name> <number> from the...
  9. [FIX] Oops

    I accidentally left an unnecessary boolean in the default config, now fixed.
  10. [NEW] Added option to run console commands on win

    • Users can now have any command or list of commands run from console when a player wins a certain drink. This can be used for prizes, announcements, etc.
    You must re-generate your config.yml file, or add the following line to each bar slot configuration manually.

    Code (Text):
        - "/give %player% diamond 3"