GambleBarLite v1.3.2

Gamble by drinking | Easy to use | Free

  1. [FIX] Permission Node

    • Issue allowed for players without the "" to open the bar. This is now fixed.
    • If the /bar command is issued from a non-player, they will now receive the "mustBePlayer" message.
  2. [FIX] Bug Fix

    • Fixed another inventory bug.
  3. [FIX] Bar Inventory Abuse Glitch

    • There was an bar inventory abuse glitch that could be used to potentially duplicate drink items. It is worth noting only the free version of the plugin was affected by this, and it is now fixed.
  4. [NEW] Support for 1.12

    • This plugin has been fixed so it now supports versions 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, and 1.15.
  5. [FIX] Bug regarding "messages.yml" not reading properly

    • In the previous version, there was an issue where users would need to restart the server/plugin. Otherwise, messages wouldn't be sent and there would be an error log. This should now be fixed.
    • Removed static access to messages yml file.
  6. [NEW] GambleBarLite

    I will no longer be updating and maintaining the old version of GambleBar and I have instead created this "Lite" version with just the basic features of the old plugin. This is because I no longer wish to spend the amount of time required on this project, as it is a free resource. Major changes from the previous versions of GambleBar to this version:
    • Can no longer create multiple bars, this just has one bar.
    • The bar can contain a maximum of 9 drinks.
    • This plugin no longer...
  7. [NEW] Support for all versions 1.8 - 1.15.2

    • New plugin dependency added, all servers must have the NBTAPI plugin installed.
    • This jar file should work on all minecraft server versions, 1.8 through 1.15.2.
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  8. [NEW] Support for 1.14.x

    • If your server is 1.13.1 or 1.13.2, use the file "GambleBar 1.13"
    • If your server is 1.14.x ,use the file "GambleBar 1.14"
  9. [NEW] Ability to give drinks via command!

    • IMPORTANT: You must regenerate your messages.yml file, or add this line by hand.
    Code (YAML):
    #Message sent to player when they receive a drink via command
    : "&6[&fGambleBar&6] &fYou have received a &c%drink% &f drink!"

    #Message sent to the command sender when the bar name or slot id is invalid when using /bar give
    : "&6[&fGambleBar&6] &cError, either the bar name or slot ID is an invalid drink."
    • ...
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  10. [NEW] Ability to remove Gambler Villagers

    • IMPORTANT: You must regenerate your messages.yml file, or add this line by hand.
    Code (YAML):
    #Message sent to player who removes a gambler entity
    : "&6[&fGambleBar&6] &fThe gambler entity was removed!"
    • Players are now able to remove gambler villager entities by clicking on them while holding a golden carrot. Permission required: "gamblebar.admin.remove.entity".
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