Game Core 3.0

Host multiple types of mini-games on one server seamlessly!

  1. hobblyhobo
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    Game Core
    Mini-game system for Minecraft servers
    Game Core on it's own is a framework on which mini-games are built. However, with pre-built plugins it becomes a powerful plugin suite that can turn a single server into a host for many mini-games.

    For detailed install instructions please visit:

    Must Download Game Core's Lobby Plugin In Order For Game Core to Work!
    Download Game Core Lobby here:

    Just drop this in your plugins folder along with Game Core

    Current games included are:

    - Spleef
    - Team Death Match
    - Free For All
    - Capture The Flag
    - Infected

    Each game is configurable within their configs along with being able to have your own maps.

    Game Core includes the following features to enhance your experience:
    - The ability to add and remove games with little configuration.*
    - The ability to connect to a mySQL database to save scores and other information.
    - A party system to allow groups of players to play games together with ease.
    - A friend system to be able to keep track of those you like and play on the same team as them.**
    - A score system to keep track of player wins.**
    - The ability to have multiple instances of a map at once.
    - Self-contained world protection and chat formatting.
    - The ability to keep chat local or global.
    - The ability to make your own games (if you know how to code plugins)

    * I cannot guarantee the quality of third-party games. Any issues with them must be dealt with by the author of the third-party plugin.

    ** These features only work when connected to a SQL database.
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Recent Reviews

  1. artificialbutter
    Version: 3.0
    Ignore reveranreeve, this plugin is amazing! I got it setup within 10 min. Thanks for making this!
  2. Deimos_22
    Version: 3.0
    Got setup really fast, and thankfully don't have to use Bungee since I only have one server haha, thank you for this plugin!
  3. reveranreeve
    Version: 3.0
    I signed up so i could give this plugin a shit review. Convoluted mess, almost impossible to setup. Add a functioning tutorial.
  4. domuk
    Version: 3.0
    Great minigame selection, works for quick and easy minigames on bungee server. Would recommend.