[GAME] fishSlap LITE 1.0

Slaps with your fish to the other player and pull his into the void.

  1. topleN17
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    What is it fishSlap?

    It's a pvp minigame, the goal is to knock with a fish your oponent out of the arena

    • Spigot +1.8 (Soon spigot 1.7 adapted)
    • Java +7
    • Free RAM: 50 MB
    • 1 vs 1
    • Only one arena
    • Special hability when you use right-click
    • Configurable XP-level
    • Configurable messages
    • Title countdown or chat countdown
    • Colored messages in the console (only if the console supports colors)
    • Easy commands
    • Easy permissions
    • Easy install
    • Good and fast suport
    • This version have ads (No abusive ads)
    • Buy the plugin for more features
    Commands and permissions

    /fs setlobby
    Set the site on where the players wait to start
    /fs setspawn
    Set the site on where the players will fight
    /fs setleavespawn
    Set the site on where the players will spawn after win / lose
    /fs join
    Join in the arena
    /fs leave
    Leave the arena

    Getting started
    1. Put the jar into the plugins folder
    2. Start and stop your server
    3. Configure the plugin
    4. Start the server
    5. Build the arena
      • For lose the players need to fall into the void (y: -1)
    6. Set the lobby
    7. Set the spawn
    8. Set the spawnleave
    9. Ready for play!
    How to play
    When the arena start you get a fish with knockback II and 5 XP levels, left-click with fish for hit the oponent, right-click for the special-hability, the special-hability consist in 2 potion effects (speed 2 and jump 4 for 2 seconds), if you use the special-effect you lose 1 XP level

    This is the LITE version of fishslap, this don't be have new stuff, only bugs fix updates

    Suport languages in discussion: English / Spanish

    Terms and conditions

    • You don't upload / share this plugin
    • You can modify the code of the plugin (only for personal usage)
    • You can use it only in your servers

Recent Reviews

  1. NumeroUnoBaby
    Version: beta_1.0
    Awesome Plugin. You should make a plugin like this except it's like King of the Hill with the knockback fish and players have to use the fish to slap others away, to control the hill for the most amount of time!
    1. topleN17
      Author's Response
      I'm a bit busy but when i have time i make the new gamemode
  2. tomasb
    Version: beta_1.0
    Va Pa MI Server
    1. topleN17
      Author's Response
      Si te ha gustado, podrias plantearte comprar la version completa, ofrece mas cosas
  3. l3st4tPlugins
    Version: beta_1.0
    Good plugin, i bought the full version and it's #SOAWESOME!
    1. topleN17