GameBox | Inventory games collection 3.1.0

Several inventory games in one GUI -*- 13 games! -*-

  1. New commands to manage saves and game statistics


    • Add
      Code (Text):
      /gba removesaves
    • Improve
      Code (Text):
      /gba resetstats
    • fix the Spanish language file
    • add new messages to the Spanish language file (#84)
    • Print info messages when custom language files fail to load
    • Improve error handling when loading modules from jar files
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  2. Fix possible issue in Bukkit 1.14

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  3. MC 1.14+ | easier game installation!

    GameBox v3

    • GameBox 3 supports (only) MC 1.14+
    • games can now be installed from inside GameBox.
      • They are not separate plugins anymore but can be automatically downloaded and installed.
      • Use commands or the admin module GUI to install/update/remove modules (modules are now what previously game-plugins were)
    • players only see games in the menu that they have the '' permission for...
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  4. Fix CookieClicker

    The last update introduced a bug in CookieClicker which is now fixed.

    Enjoy :)
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  5. CC updates + some fixes and cleanup + updated PlaceholderAPI integration

    • cookieclicker -> v 2.2.2
      • implement lucky cookies
      • boost system using scheduled events with CalendarEvents
      • idle time in config. If the player does no action during x seconds, the game is paused.
    • log loading of flatfile db (#67)
    • only save players in the flatfile db if their settings were changed (#65)
    • prevent exception on disable due to...
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  6. Version 2.2.4 | fix token commands on offline players + command completion

    • An error was fixed that prohibited token manipulation for offline players
    • All commands with options now have custom command completion
    • Link to new GitHub wiki in the token shop file
      • I tried to give a cleaner and better explanation for customizing the token shop
      • New explained examples on the Wiki
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  7. Version 2.2.3 | fix players being able to accept invitations in blocked worlds

    Short one: see title
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  8. V 2.2.2 | Support MC 1.13.1 + Fixes

    • GameBox is now compatible with the current version of 1.13.1
    • [1.13] Fixed glow effects not beeing removed from items
    • Fixed items beeing picked up when in a game, although a different plugin canceled the event
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  9. Version 2.2.1 | some fixes, more options and a cookieclicker update

    • CookieClicker -> version 2.2.1
      • Add command to manipulate the number of cookies that player have
        • /gba game cc give <player> [game type] <count (int)>
        • Where game type is the name of the save that you want to change (only default game: "weekly")
        • The command completion will help you
    • cancel game invitations when the other player is in a disabled world
    • make skull display names in top lists configurable
    • fix...
  10. Minecraft 1.13 | improved defaults | configurable high number names

    Minecraft 1.13 update
    • GameBox is now compatible with the 1.13 aquatic update (y)
    • Improved some default colors and messages with help from @TheIntelloBox
    • Added the high number names (atm only used in cookieclicker) to the langauge files
    • Cleaned up a bit internally

    Updating to 1.13​

    • Get the newest versions of the games and GameBox
    • For all games except MP-GameBundle and...
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