Gamemode Changer 1.0.2

Change gamemodes with ease and by permission

  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Start note: I'm not entirely sure when spectate mode was added to minecraft so don't use or attempt to use it on servers where that gm doesn't exist.(Was informed this to be in 1.8)

    Completely revamped gamemode!

    New commands:
    Code (Text):
    /gms <player> - Set your own or other players gamemode to survival
    /gmc <player> - Set gamemode to creative
    /gma <player> - Set gamemode to Adventure mode
    /gmsp <player> - Set gamemode to Spectate
    /gm <gamemode/number> (player)
    /gm toggle

    Code (Text):
    Survival perms:
    gamemode.survival - Set your own gamemode
    gamemode.survival.other - Set other players gamemodes

    Creative Perms:

    Adventure Perms

     Spectator Perms:

    Special Perms:
    gamemode.toggle - Toggles through specific gamemodes.

    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&6[&9GameMode&6]'
      console: '[Console Gamemode] <gamemode> <player>'
      noperm: '&4You don''t have permission to do this'
      gamemode: '&9GameMode set to &6{0}'
      gamemodeother: '&9Player &6{0} &9gamemode set to &6{1}'
      syntax: '&6/gamemode <gamemode>'
      notonline: '&4Player {0} is not online'
      invalid: '&9Vaid gamemodes: &6Creative&9:Survival&9:Adventure&9:Spectator'

    Simply set any gamemode as an op or allow users to set specific gamemodes themselves.
    Please note non of these commands are default and if you add gamemode.creative they can ONLY use the /gm1 /creative /gm 1 command. They will not be able to switch back.

    Got any suggestions/questions bug reports, let me know :)

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