Gamemode Security 1.4.1

Provide an extra layer of Security in Gamemode!

  1. leTimo
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    The development of this plugin is currently suspended!

    This plugin provides an extra layer of security in terms of gamemode.

    Features :
    - only players with the a specific permissoin can enter a gamemode.
    - works with nearly all gamemode plugins.
    - notification if an user was blocked from switching gamemode (/gmsbc)

    * NEW *​
    /gmsbc -> Activate Notifications if an User gets blocked from switching gamemode.

    * NEW *​

    • Creative -> gms.creative
    • Survival -> gms.survival
    • Spectator -> gms.spectator
    • Adventure -> gms.adventure
    • /gmsreload -> gms.reload
    • /gmslanguage -> gms.language (Comming Soon)

    Please note: The development of this ressource is currently suspended. When it will be resumed is currently not clear.
    • /gmslanguage -> Change the Language of the Plugin.
    • Changeable Prefix
    • Changeable Messages (Messages.yml)
    • German Translation