GameMode (Skript) UPDATED! Includes 1 More Gamemode! 1.8.x

Replacement of Essentials Gamemode(s) | Very Basic and 100% Editable!

  1. ImTehHamster
    The Perfect Gamemode(s) Skript!
    Very Basic And Easy To Edit!


    A Permissions Plugin

    Players have came up with new ideas to start making servers without the use of essentials because its a very common plugin. Essentials has all the basic server required needs that almost 3/4 MC server owners use. Now for the people who don't use essentials, or are having issues with the Gamemode(s), Well this is the place for you! All of the Gamemode(s) basic needs are in this Skript! The messages and much more are 100% configurable!

    Commands & Permissions:
    There are only 4 commands for this skript!
    The commands are as listed
    Permission Node: player.gamemode.creative
    (Puts the player in Gamemode Creative)
    Permission Node: player.gamemode.survival
    (Puts the player in Gamemode Survival)
    Permission Node: player.gamemode.adventure
    (Puts the player in Gamemode Adventure)
    Permission Node: player.gamemode.spectator
    (Puts the player in Gamemode Spectator)


    If ESSENTIALS is on your server, this skript will overwrite the gamemode permissions/commands that essentials has. The other reasoning of me making this is, I have been experiencing players servers,where there essentials gamemode permissions don't work (This also applied to me). I tried to install EssentialsX to see if that would change anything, I added every single gamemode permission, and it wouldn't work. The only way it would work is to give them the permissions "Essentials.*", which I wasn't going to do. The skript I made helped me overwrite that issue.
    If you have any feedback you would like to provide me with, you can leave it down in the comments! If you would like to personally speak with me about helping you out, my form(s) of contact are as listed:

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: classtrickshots

Recent Reviews

  1. TrueBlue
    Version: 1.8.x
    Good Skript! My essentials perms for GMC werent working, and this was the perfect replacement for it! Thanks and keep it up!