Gamemode-System 1.0

Gamemode-System with editable config

  1. semden_youtube
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This Gamemode-System have a editable config and can be used everywhere. Please don't hate my Plugin. It's my first version of this plugin, but please send me a revision, so that I can revise that plugin.

    Here is how you can use this Plugin:

    Commands and permissions for changing the own gamemode:
    • /gm 0 --> gamemode.0
    • /gm 1 --> gamemode.1
    • /gm 2 --> gamemode.2
    • /gm 3 --> gamemode.3
    Commands and permissions for changing the gamemode for somebody else:
    • /gm 0 <Player> --> gamemode.0.other
    • /gm 1 <Player> --> gamemode.1.other
    • /gm 2 <Player> --> gamemode.2.other
    • /gm 3 <Player> --> gamemode.3.other
    Prefix: §7Gamemode-System
    NotAPlayer: §cDu darfst diesen Command nicht ausführen!
    NoPermission: §cDafür hast du keine Rechte!
    AlreadyInThisGamemode: §cDu bist bereits in diesem Spielmodus!
    SuccessfulSelfGamemodeChange: §aDu hast deinen Spielmodus erfolgreich geändert!
    SuccessfulOtherGamemodeChange: §aDu hast erfolgreich den Spielmodus von diesem Spieler
    WrongCommand: §cBitte gebe den Command §7/gm <1, 2, 3, 4> [<Spieler>] §cein.