GamemodeRestriction 0.0.1 - 1.8.x 2015-04-03

Restrict your creative players gamemode

  1. Koolaid5000
    == GamemodeRestriction ==
    What this plugin does is that it disable the adventure and spectator game modes.

    Who needs this plugin?

    If you are using the limited Creative Plugin you may
    want this..

    Limited Creative have a exploit bug!

    If you want to know how the GM exploit works, all you have to do is enter GM 3 (Spectator Mode) then GM 2 (Adventure Mode) and drop the items you wish to duplicate. Switch to GM 0 (Survival Mode) and pick up the duplicates.

    GamemodeRestriction 0.0.1

    Will stop players from using
    (Adventure Mode)
    (Spectator Mode)

    No config
    No permission

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